Hell's Bells

By Jill Johnson

Available Soon.
11 / 07 / 24

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Hell’s Bells will have you entangled in this addictive, dark academia mystery

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Media appearances to be featured soon

Appearing on ...

Media appearances to be featured soon

Media appearances to be featured soon


Eustacia Rose’s life is beginning to return to normal: she is back teaching at UCL and her relationship with Matilde is blossoming. But when a man is found dead with a needle in his neck, that fragile peace begins to crumble. Eustacia finds a painting of herself with a syringe next to her neck and discovers that there are other people who seem to know more about the killing than they are letting on.

The threat around Eustacia only increases as a PhD student begins to stalk and harass her to gain access to her poisonous plant collection. After Eustacia continually refuses, he contacts a lab that is illegally selling synthetic plant toxins but turns up dead shortly after. As the body count rises, Eustacia has no choice but to investigate the deaths in earnest.

But murders aren’t the only thing on her mind as interactions with a new detective cause tensions with Matilde that Eustacia has no idea how to resolve. What’s more, run-ins with a mysterious white-haired woman are making her recall long-buried memories. Eustacia must solve the mysteries of her past and this case if she wants to escape from this toxic situation unscathed.


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